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Abusers in Connecticut

The Abuser Database lists Diocesan and Order Priests, Deacons, Brothers and Nuns who have been accussed and/or convicted of sexual abuse.

Search the database that currently includes 65 abusers in Connecticut, here.

The number of abusers in Connecticut per diocese, as of November 2008,
is as follows:

Bridgeport : 32
Hartford : 26
Norwich : 17 has a page dedicated exclusicely to, " Extensive coverage of Norwich CT," including a listing of ACCUSED PRIESTS WHO WORKED IN NORWICH PARISHES AND SCHOOLS

  • Database includes Diocesan priests, deacons, seminarians, and church employees.
  • Database includes Religious priests, brothers, nuns, and employees.
  • Database includes sexual misconduct and deviant behavior: rape or assault with minors or adults, child porn, sex solicitation, child abuse.
  • Does not include theft, murder, fraud, or drug related activities.
  • Also does not include priest fathering babies, unless allegations of rape or sexual assault are involved.
  1. Type. P=Priest; S=Seminarian B=Brother; D=Deacon; N=Nun; E=Other Church Employee
  2. Part. 1=convicted 2=settled 3=pending criminal (and possible pending civil) 4=pending civil 5=public allegations
  3. Diocesan or Order. D=Diocesan O=Order(name of order not shown) E=church employee
  4. Name of Diocese for Diocesan Priests; Geographic area for religious orders

The Law Firm of Tremont and Sheldon posts a web page containing information obtained from The Official Catholic Directory on some current or former priests who have been sued or suspended following allegations of sexual abuse of minors, or have claims against them. This page tracks the history of service for each of these people.

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Last Updated: October 30, 2008