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Fr. Roman Kramek Sent to Prison

This page contains the latest information related to the sentencing of Fr. Roman Kramek, the priest who is now serving time in Connecticut's prison system for sexual assault of a minor.

SNAP CT Thanks Supporters

Dear friends,

I have just arrived home from the court date for our "broken angel." As I sat watching the proceedings, I came to the realization that we must no longer refer to her as "broken." She has truly begun to heal. And, for those of us who have been blessed with her presence in our lives, we are thankful to be part of that process.

I would like to thank the SNAP members who came to court today. You came from all over the state and your presence was appreciated by our young friend. She truly enjoys being with other survivors and is amazed by us. But, I think we can agree that she is an example to all of us and it is truly amazing to be in her presence.

And, to my VOTF Bridgeport contingency. Thank you for coming to support her and your continual support of SNAP CT. We are grateful to have you and call you friends.

And, we must thank Pat Serrano and Ronnie Ferrett for driving all the way from NJ. You are both very special people. Thank you.

In closing, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best wishes,

Landa Mauriello-Vernon
Director, SNAP CT

Priest Sentenced In New Britain

The Hartford Courant

February 17, 2005, 12:33 PM EST

NEW BRITAIN -- Standing in a crowded New Britain Superior Court room, his accuser seated in the front row, the Rev. Roman Kramek was sentenced to nine months in prison this morning for sexually assaulting a teenage girl who sought his counseling more than two years ago.

Kramek, a priest who had been visiting from Poland on temporary assignment at a city church, chose not to make a statement during the court appearance. Before formally handing down the sentence, which the priest accepted in December as part of a plea agreement, Judge Susan B. Handy reminded Kramek of the vows he took upon entering the priesthood.

"Instead of ...upholding those vows, you took advantage of a young, troubled woman for your own sexual gratification," Handy said.

The girl, now 19, told police that she had sought Kramek's spiritual counseling after being sexually assaulted in a taxi in New Britain in November 2002. The priest came to the girl's home, where she lives with her grandmother. She told police that he began touching her and then forced sexual intercourse on her. He later explained to a Polish-speaking officer that he meant to show the girl that sex with a man could be a pleasurable experience.

Kramek, 42, was taken to a holding cell immediately after sentencing. He will be deported after serving the nine-month prison sentence.

Kramek's supporters were in court as they have been since his Christmas Eve arrest in 2002. They have insisted on the priest's innocence, calling the girl's reputation into question. They say Kramek was an easy target because he doesn't speak English and the accusations were made at a time when allegations of abuse by priests were making national headlines.

Also in court were about 15 members of the Survivor's Network for those Abused by Priests (SNAP). They criticized the sentence as too lenient, but said they were glad to see the case resolved and hope the girl can now move forward.

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Priest sent to prison for sexually assaulting teenager

February 17, 2005, 1:15 PM EST

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (AP) _ A Polish priest was sentenced Thursday to nine months in prison for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl.

The Rev. Roman Kramek was sentenced in New Britain Superior Court as part of a plea deal he struck with prosecutors last year.

Kramek was arrested in December 2002 after the girl said the priest sexually assaulted her while he was counseling her for a prior assault. Kramek later told police he had a sexual relationship with the girl, but said it was part of her therapy.

Kramek was a visiting priest at Sacred Heart Parish in New Britain. Under state law, it is illegal for psychotherapists or clergy members to have sex with anyone they are counseling.

After being sentenced Thursday morning, Kramek was led away by judicial marshals to begin serving his term. He is expected to be deported to Poland after he is released from prison and a judge said Thursday that he would not be allowed back to the United States.

"He's relying on his faith to see him through this adversity, and he knows that through his faith he will be forgiven," said Kramek's attorney, William F. Dow III.

A statement from the teenage victim was read aloud in court Thursday.

"As far as the priest who not only hurt me physically but mentally and spiritually, I forgive him because I don't want to hold a grudge," the victim said in the statement.

Members of the Surviviors Network of those Abused by Priests attended the sentencing Thursday and said they were disappointed that Kramek did not offer an apology to the victim. They also said they intended to write a letter to Hartford Archbishop Henry Mansell, asking him to notify authorities in Poland of Kramek's conviction.

"Because it's not just American children we need to protect, it's all children in all countries," said Landa Mauriello-Vernon, state director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

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Priest gets prison for rape

NEW BRITAIN -- A Polish priest will serve nine months in prison and then be deported from the country.

That's the penalty for his conviction of raping a 17-year-old New Britain girl.

Father Roman Kramek, 42, a Roman Catholic priest, walked into court this morning but left later in handcuffs. He was sentenced as his victim looked on.

Kramek pleaded guilty to second degree rape of the girl. Authorities say it happened more than two years ago when the visiting priest was at the girls home. She is now 19.

Also in the courtroom were members of the victims advocacy group S.N.A.P. for the survivors network for those abused by priests

"The other thing that was so important for the victim was the accountability," said Landa Mauriello of S.N.A.P. "The perpetrator, the man who raped her will go to jail."

A supporter of the now convicted priest says he was a victim of the system.

"He was coerced to say what they wanted him to say," said Lucyna Kolakowska. "He signed what they wanted him to sign. Unfortunately nobody believed him because they only believed whatever the girl said."

Prosecutors say they have DNA evidence that would connect Kramek to the crime plus his written confession.

Prosecutors asked him to apologize, but he said nothing for the record.

As for the victim an advocate read a letter for her in court. Here's what she said:

My faith means everything, I love my faith deeply. This experience wounded the most beautiful meaningful part of my life, my faith.

When Father Kramek gets out of prison he will be handed over to immigration authorities.

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